Diary of events (Athens)

  • Tour in Psyri area (Monastiraki, Athens)

    On February 20, 2018, we traveled with the students, members of the "Active Citizens-Monuments-Places- City" in Psyri area (Monastiraki, Athens), in order to get to know problematic spaces and buildings that need protection. The tour was under the guidance of Mrs. Eirini Gratsia, from "Monumenta"

    Visit in Athens School of Fine Arts

    On March (3/1/2018) the students, members of the "Active Citizens-Monuments-Places- City" visited the Athens School of Fine Arts. We visited all the premises of the School, we talked about the art in Athens today with painters, and we visited a sculpture and paintings exhibition that had as their theme the October Revolution.


    Festival in Technopolis Athens

    On April 20, 2018, the students of the program, together with the responsible teachers, presented the works they created at an event that was held by the City of Athens in Technopolis. The students also participated in a consultation, as well as in an experiential art workshop.