Programme Aarhus

  • Søndag/Sunday


    Students will arrange pick-up at the train-, bus station or airport. Times of arrival will need to be forwarded to the Danish partners

    German coordinators and students:

    • Arrival: 23.09.2018 15:19 at the train station from Copenhagen
    • Departure: 29.09.2018 9:35 at the train station from Copenhagen

    Estonian coordinators and students

    • Arrival: 23.09.2018 22:13 at the train station
    • Departure: 29.09.2018 06:42 at the train station

    French coordinators and students

    • Arrival: 23.09.2018 17:55 at Aarhus Airport
    • Departure: ?

    Belgian coordinators and students

    • Arrival: 23.09.2018 21:15 with Flixbus at the bus station
    • Departure: 29.09.2018 6:45 by plane from Aarhus Airport


    Lunch à provided by Risskov Gymnasium

    9:00-11:00 (Room U03)

    School Welcome

    • Welcome by school principal Gitte Horsbøl
    • International groups are formed (10 groups: 4 in each: two hosts/two guests).
    • Videos – “a day in the life of”… (1,5 hours)
    • Short tour of the school and school grounds (student to student)


    Lunch: Sandwiches, beverages and fruit


    School anniversary: A talk by Danish journalist and Foreign Editor on Danish National Broadcasting (DR) Niels Kvale

    13:00-15:00 (Room U03)

    General presentation of the main theme of the week to set off workshops/group work

    • Group work: plan videos and excursions. Planning the week


    Lunch à packed lunch from home

    8:15-10:00 (hal3/gym 3)

    Get-together games in the gym in order to get to know each other.

    • Bring sports clothes.
    • Bring towels and a change of clothes

    10:00-11:00 (Room U03)

    • An introduction to making videos by media study teacher Jonas Klougaard Wildt

    10:00-15:00 (Room U03)

    Briefing before send off (we are trying to arrange an introduction to making videos by one of our media studies teachers)

    Group work and/or excursions to the different locations by bike

    • Report back between 14:30-15.00 @ Risskov Gymnasium (Room U03)


    Lunch à packed lunch from home

    9:00-10:00 (Room U03)

    Meeting at Risskov Gymnasium

    • Update on video projects
    • Group work and /or excursions to the last locations by bike
    • If the group is done filming, editing begins in room U03
    • Filming/footage deadline at 15:00. Be ready to edit first thing Thursday
    • Report back between 14:30-15.00 at Risskov Gymnasium (Room U03)

    19:00-22:00 (Risskov Gymnasium)

    Student organized evening event at Risskov Gymnasium.

    • Game/movie/quiz-night   


    Lunch à Packed lunch from home

    9:00-11:30 (Room U03)

    Video editing


    Lunch break


    A visit to Moesgaard Museum

    • 12:00 Departure by bus to Moesgaard Museum from the school parking lot
    • 12:30-13:30 A guided tour of the exhibition at Moesgaard Museum in three groups of 20
    • 13:30-14.30 One hour to see the rest of the museum - quiz
    • 14:30-15:00 A walk around the Moesgaard
    • 15:00 Pick up at Moesgaard Museum and return to Risskov Gymnasium


    Lunch à provided by Risskov Gymnasium

    9.00-11.30  (Room U03)         

    Presentations of the student project videos


    Break (fruits and snacks)




    Farewell buffet