Performance on stage: Italy

  • Interview on the Italian national TV (June 2018)   



    In Italy Students, with the help of two stage directors and two theatre companies, performed "The Adventures of Pinocchio".

     Le avventure di Pinocchio is a novel by the Italian author Carlo Lorenzini (called Collodi) published in 1883.

    It is the most translated non-religious book in the world,  and one of the best-selling books ever published.

    Pinocchio is a puppet who wants to be a human boy. When he tells lies, his nose grows longer... at least, that's what most people remember about him.


    The story begins in Tuscany, Italy. Geppetto, a poor woodcarver, crafts a marionette out of a piece of enchanted wood. He calls it Pinocchio, and treats him like a son. In Geppetto's workshop, Pinocchio meets a Talking Cricket who tries to teach him his first lesson: ''Woe to boys who refuse to obey their parents and run away from home!''

    Thus Pinocchio's adventures begin...

    Pinocchio tries and tries to redeem himself, but at every turn, his will is challenged.