• Gedminų progimnazija

    Klaipėda, Lithuania


    Klaipėda Gedminai progymnasium was established in 1974. Our school is rather big. There are 850 students and more than 70 teachers. The school is active and well known for its activities of Tolerance Education Centre, Ethnoculture centre and also after school activities. Our school is always open for innovations and takes part in the Education Improvement and Renovation Projects. The school has the partnership with a gymnasium from St. Petersburg. The teachers are qualified and active, they use active and new teaching methods, and information technologies in their lessons. 
    Klaipėda is a seaport and it is very appropriate area for the social and cultural activities. Our school was chosen to provide the accommodation for the participants of Europeade 2009. Every year we take part in IMAGINE LOGO competition. Also we take part in International projects.
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                                                    Osnovna skola Jure Kastelana, Croatia




                                 Izmir Karşıyaka Ortaokulu, Turkey




    Platon Schools 

    Katerini, Greece


    Platon is a school private shcool founded in 1997 in Katerini Greece. The school pursues with great interest and a creative mind the developments in the field of education; it constantly sets new goals holding at the same time an outstanding position in the educational scene. Platon schools (Kindergarten – Primary – Secondary – Lifelong Learning Centre) is a modern educational institution with 650 learners and 120 staff. Through the use of the most up-to-date facilities, a diverse curriculum, experienced and skilled teaching staff and, most importantly, through consistency on principles and respect towards pupils and parents, our school has been struggling during the last ten years for the accomplished education of our pupils.

    Platon has a long experience in European projects and the introduction of new technologies in the education. At the past 15 years our organization participated to more than 30 international projects.