9 - Present our planet

  • Objective

    Disseminate our project


    Report here all dissemination activities.


    1. Our project in STEM Discovery Week 2018!


    Presentation on STEMAlliance Awards Event on 23rd June 2018 in Brussels.


    2. Space Adventures in the middle school



    3. Our project in la Repubblica@scuola



    4. Contest "Discover the Universe"


    Our project participated in a contest organised by the SF2A (Astronomy and Astrophysics French Society). After a first pre-selection, the French students had the chance to present it in front of a jury in the Laboratory of Astrophysics of Bordeaux (the one of Sean Raymond!). To present the different activities, we decided to play the board game! It was very funny. And... on the evening, we received the very good news: we got a price! So we'll be back in july in Bordeaux to receive it during the Week of the French Astrophysics!

    In front of laboratory's building

    Just after the presentation

    Electronic components for ALMA

    Sean Raymond was not in his office...


    5. Saint-Cricq's high school festival

    We presented our project during our high school's festival. We organised 3 tables where visitors could play the board game after a presentation of our project with some posters. That was fun!

    6. eTwinning national conference in France

    The project has been presented in front of several ambassadors.

    7. ETwinning Visibility group newsletter  (on page 53)

    8. Article in a french pedagogical web magazine

    Click on this image to read the article (in french)

    9. Article on the Warsaw eTwinning European conference in the University of Picardie website.