Board game

  • Here you'll find the design and rules for the final board game of the project!

    Use the forum to add questions and your suggestions for the design of the board.


    Game Application

    Adrian and Benoît are programming the application with App Inventor. They are waiting for the questions and answers to add them!

    Done! The application GamesOfPlanets.apk is zipped in this file:

    Unzip it, put it somewhere in your Android smartphone memory, open it, it will be installed in your phone and you'll be able to play!


    Lucas created with Tinkercad some pieces to play with. You can print them with a 3D-printer. The zip-file is here:

    Unzip it, and you will find the .stl file.

    Here is our first printing:

    (We had only black filament, sorry!)

    Game board

    We finally used this board for the presentation made in Bordeaux (see here).

    Planets cards

    Here are the images used for these cards: