eTwinning and eSafety

  • eSafety is a key issue when working in a project. We all should follow certain netiquette rules and measures concerned eSafety so that we can work online while keeping our online identity and rights safe from any harm. We will also organise activities for SAFER INTERNET DAY.



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    Here you have links where to find to important issues concerning eSafety in your own language

    French Safer Internet 


    Spanish Safer Internet Centre

    A group of eTwinHeritage Games project designed a Safer Internet use awareness campaign at IES Benalmádena. They created a Survey and invited students of all leves in the centre to answer it. This is how they got the material to create posters with this information and with advice tips displayed all around the school classrooms and halls. We thank this incredible campaign by creating the Safer Internet Student Ambassadors Diploma which was awarded to the engaged team of eTwinHeritage Games participants. You can follow the news on our blog celebration and preparing activities.






    In our school we had debates about the danger of the internet and the students created a poster, they gave advice for a safer use of the internet.