I. C. "G Lombardo Radice" Siracusa, ITALY

    The G. Lombardo Radice Comprehensive Institute is located in the modern part of the city, which is the economic and commercial center of the area, seat of many offices, stores, banks, municipal departments, ASL offices, a sports field and the Umberto Primo Hospital. 
    The Institute is near the “NEAPOLIS" Archaeological Park, historically defined as the new area of the ancient "Greek polis", where the most important monuments of the Greek period are concentrated, such as the Greek Theater and the Roman Amphitheater
    The Institute is located in via Archia and it is dedicated to Giuseppe Lombardo Radice, a scholar
     from Catania who was first a secondary school teacher and then taught pedagogy at the University of Catania. Its construction dates back to 1955 although it was finished in 1965; initially it was born as an educational center and turned out to be a Comprehensive Institute in the school year 2010/2011. 

    In our school there are 10 kindergarten sections, 20 primary school classes and 9 middle-school classes, it has about 900 pupils and 90 teachers. The most of our pupils belong to middle class and they show considerable experience and skills for school enrichment and development. We have several multiethnic cultures that are well integrated in our social and scholastic context; there are only few socio-cultural disadvantages in the area. The students are involved in many curricular and extracurricular projects and activities concerning dramatization, computers, dancing, singing, music and sports competitions that are often carried out in the afternoon. 
    The G. Lombardo Radice Comprehensive Institute has the following material resources: a gym, open spaces, all entrances are enclosed by a walled garden that allows recreational activities to be carried out, an audiovisual room, a library, gym-sports equipment, an IWB almost in all classes.
    The human resources of the Institute include the teaching staff, the administrative assistants and the school collaborators. The teachers of the Institute are currently almost all on permanent contracts which guarantee a high level of continuity in the learning process. Every year our institute promotes training and refresher courses so that all staff is always aware of new educational problems and legislative changes.
    EXTERNAL RESOURCES:  the school uses external resources in the territory:
    - City Municipality
    - Multidisciplinary team (ASL)
    - Parent Committee
    - Collaboration with institutions, companies, banks in the territory
    - Multi-sport clubs
     Our school focuses on equality of all, enhancing diversity against all forms of marginalization, discrimination and exclusion. It plans and implements training programs based on the times and methods of learning of each student, offering them concrete opportunities to develop self-esteem and good- feeling at school. A GLH (a working team for disabled pupils) is active, made up of the School Director, special Ed teachers and curricular teachers. We have frequent contacts with the University of Catania by hosting students from the Faculty of Science of Primary Education who carry out their internship hours in our school and students who are specializing in becoming special Ed teachers. In the last few years, school / work alternation projects have been carried out in cooperation with the CORBINO Lyceum in Siracusa.

    In order to increase motor and sports activity, the school has activated a project with CONI, Governor of MIUR - CONI territorial school sport, which involves primary school and which offers integration paths for disabled pupils, the creation of winter games and year-end games, with the aim of motivating the students to practice motor activities preparatory to different sports, promoting the value of sport practice at school, with the involvement of local authorities for additional resources. The project includes the preparation and participation in the student championships and in other provincial events organized by local authorities and competent sport bodies operating in the territory, for the following sports activities:
    - Soccer
    - Athletics
    - Badminton
    The preparation of the students is carried out in the school gym, at the athletics school field and in any soccer field made available by the sports clubs in the area.
    Here is a link to sport school  www.sportescuola.gov.it