ACTIVE SCHOOL DAYS important information

  • The project involves four schools: from Finland, Greece, Italy and Spain Including teachers of physical education, specialists first of Grades (children aged 6-8 years), English teachers, special education teachers, and music teachers, to mention a few. Accordingly, some of our teachers have good skills in ICT.

    Twitter: #ActiveSchoolDays

    The schools attending our project are:

    Tupuri school in Salo, FINLAND
    Nursery Street 1, 24280 Salo
    tel. + 358-2- 7784260

    FUHEM Colegio Hipatia, SPAIN
    A v. Ocho de Marzo, s / n 28 523 Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid 34 917 13 97 00
    IC "G Lombardo Radice" Syracuse, ITALY
    Siracusa,  SR  96100  , Italy
    39 0931/67682

    10th Primary school of Kalamata, GREECE
    Kritis Street 46, 24132, Kalamata
    +30 2721 82708
    Link to our school