Our Project Timescale





    1) Schools introduce themselves on TwinSpace through photos and posts or pages created for their school 

    2)  Logo contest: if you like you can propose a logo for the project and the best will be chosen

    3) Schools add  a marker for their school on the map of Europe 





    1) Partners prepare their Christmas songs: the song is in your language and it can be a traditional

    Christmas song or a song about love, peace, friendship.


    2) When the song is ready we make a video of our class singing.

    We upload it on Youtube first and then on the padlet I will create on TwinSpace.

    In your box you will write the date (e.g. if you are the first to upload your song you will write 1st

    December), your name, the name of your school, your country, the title of your song ( in your native

    language and in English)


    Our Advent Calendar will be completed by Christmas!




    Project evaluation