• September - October:

    School presentation and setting a composter in the schoolyard.

    November - March:

    Organizing a professional lecture with an external associate or visiting an ecological association in the region where we live. Students will explore the subject of composting and create posters explaining in a simple and easily understandable way what composting is, why it is good to produce compost, how to make compost, what goes and what does not go in the compost.


    Marking the Earth Day by creating presentations, posters, games or other educational materials about the relation between composting and environmental protection.

    During the school year students are going to work on the compost (collect leaves in the schoolyard, collect leftovers of vegetables and fruit from the school kitchen). At the end of the project, the compost is going to be added to the plants in the schoolyard.



    The final presentation and the evaluation which will be carried out by an online questionnaire