Let's do compost!

The main idea of this project is to explain to our students the relation between composting and environmental protection. We want to raise awareness of the students, their parents and the local community about the importance of preservation of the environment and explain what composting is. Students will actively participate in compost production i...

Project Journal

  • We are happy and proud that 8 partners were awarded with the European Quality Label!

    Partners awarded with the European Quality Label:

    Bilge VAREL (Turkey)
    Elif ÖZSOY (Turkey)
    Elif ŞİMŞEK (Turkey)
    Cecilia Vicoveanu (Romania)
    Anamaria Corina Golumbeanu (Romania)
    Rafa Cuquerella (Spain)
    Milica Vadlja (Croatia)
    Iva Naranđa (Croatia)

    Thanks to everyone who participated in this great project!

    Lets do compost EQLs.jpg

    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 14.11.2018

  • I'm very proud! Congratulations "Let's Do Compost!" project team...


    - Posted by Bilge VAREL, 13.11.2018

  • Croatian national portal for schools, the article about our project:
    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 02.11.2018

  • My QL and EQL:



    - Posted by Milica Vadlja, 25.10.2018

  • European Quality Label Goes To US :)


    - Posted by Elif ŞİMŞEK, 22.10.2018