Physics: experiments weight and weighlessness - spacesuit

  • Here you will find several experiments about weight and weightlessness:

    • Weight on a slope: how does your weight change while standing on a slope?
    • Changing of weight in an elevator: why do astronauts think that they weigh more or less when their spacecraft starts and lands? How does the weight of somebody change in a moving elevator?
    • Magnet on a balance: can you influence the weight of a magnet with another magnet?
    • Generating gravity: on a long spacetrip astronauts want to generate gravity, so that they experience less problems. To do this, they can spin their spacecraft.
    • Changing of buoyancy: on different planets, gravity is different. We will simulate this during the experiment

    The last experiment is about the spacesuit. Can a spacesuit protect an astronaut against cosmic radiation and against the impact of micrometeorites?


    A video made by Antonietta Amore collecting all the different activities Italian students carried out preparing physics experiments: