Arriving to the island

  • (***Creating our island shape)



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    The beginnig of the story


    "Peace and her sisters lived in a house surrounded by a vast green meadow and and slightly down there was a little magnificent stream of water. Beyond the stream there was a small uninhabited hut, since the old owner had died. The sisters knew that place very well, as it was right where the girls had lived their infancy. It was a magical place for them. Now everyone thought it would be the ideal place to create their dream, to create the Peaceful Island. From the very first moment they went to work to make that immense green place welcoming and beautiful to host the World. They worked days and days without stopping, with all the strength ... Each of them, during the trip around the world, had learned something, had seen how the houses were in the world, like the people lived and above all what they really needed ... From the nothingness they gave birth to this immense Island made of so many small things, different from each other for shape and colour. They built parks where kids could have fun; they built many simple spaces where people had the chance to to be together, to talk, to confront, and to let  their own culture and traditions be known... they also built theatres, schools, religious buildings where everyone could pray according to own religion, and left much uncontaminated space so as Nature felt free to express its life. From the first day, on this Island there was a large and colourful Rainbow, symbol of union and harmony, and it was just to please this gentle e very precious guest that Peace nominate this place the Island of the Arches of Peace..." 



    The discovery of the Golden Stone

    As Peace and her sisters were  building the Island of the Arches of Peace, made an exciting discovery ....

    Behind a dense bush of sea, they saw a curious glitter, insistent almost to recall their attention with supremacy ...

    A little impatient and afraid they began to make their way into the bush, where

    they found a big Golden  Stone...

    Her sister Sorry saw  it and she said that it was a meteorite. 

    She was sure of it because she had already seen a meteorite  during her trip.

    They admired its splendor, but just after they touched the Stone , Peace and her sisters felt happy ...

    They realized that it was just the meteorite to make them happy ..

    They took it with them, so that everyone could feel this beautiful emotion.

    They put this Magic Stone in the children's playground.

    Peace wanted to put it there because she hoped that it could protect the children’s lives and make them happy for ever,


    Kharkiv school # 91 Ukraine


    Istituto Comprensivo "Pascoli Forgione"






    Collège Jean Moulin France 

    My students have started creating an island on the computer. First the sea, then the arch with a rainbow.