• Project is aimed at students aged 7 - 9 years. It’s goal is to help younger students develop coding skills. Children will learn the basics of computer programming by creating simple algorithms - on paper, using computers, interactive boards, mats and the Scratch app. Students from different school will exchange and share their ideas, which will help them develop interest in the subject and encourage them to participate in further, related activities. The project’s results will take form of coded images, games, animations, short stories, mathematical games related to the leading theme of autumn. They will be gathered in one book and made available to teachers interested in the subject. The project will be executed on the basis of many different activities, ideas and methods of daily school work, familiar to participating children. 


    Execution of proposed activities and deadlines will be adjusted to students’ capabilities, the organization of the teaching material and timeframes. Each school will integrate proposed activities to its own learning process and organization. There are no abstract, imposed deadlines. The project will take place from September 15th to November 15th. During this time students’ work will be available to children from other schools, who can exchange comments and stories by TwinSpace.

    1. Switching to TwinSpace.
    2. Writing code or algorithms to draw a simple autumn-themed picture.
    3. Designing autumn-themed board game with the usage of mat or bristol board and writing its rules.
    4. Writing an autumn-themed short story with the usage of programming mats.
    5. Creating few math and logic games using information coding.
    6. Developing an autumn-themed app using Scratch.
    7. Exchanging students’ work by TwinSpace.
    8. Critical evaluation of the project and sharing the results.


    Expected results

    1. The e-book containing resuluts of student’s work - coded images, games, short stories and math games.
    2. Exhibitions of childrens’ work which will take place in their schools, designed by them and other schools participating in the project.