Coding games - autumn

Project is aimed at students aged 7 - 9 years. It’s goal is to help younger students develop coding skills. Children will learn the basics of computer programming by creating simple algorithms - on paper, using computers, interactive boards, mats and the Scratch app. Students from different school will exchange and share their ideas, which will hel...

Project Journal

  • Mehtap KILIÇ/Şehit Polis Volkan Sabaz Primary School

    Padlet ile yapıldı

    - Posted by Mehtap Kilic, 02.08.2018

  • Aurora, you are magnific!
    - Posted by Halina Wencel, 04.02.2018

  • e-book of the project

    - Posted by Aurora Calvet, 03.02.2018

  • Hello everybody,
    I think we should finish our project. The project was scheduled from September 15th to November 15th. Now I have other responsibilities at work and other tasks so I don't have time for projects, but after the new year I will be willing to re-active. Thank you for the wonderful work, good cooperation. I learned a lot from you.
    - Posted by Halina Wencel, 20.11.2017

  • Our fun on the mat - construction of figures and their mirror reflections. Perfect for training symmetry.





    - Posted by Halina Wencel, 06.11.2017