How else can we use TECHNOLOGIES?

  • Dear all,

    we think that it is interesting to share about what devices we like best and why and how we use them. HOWEVER, IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO LOOK FOR OTHER AND MAYBE NEW WAYS OF USING THEM. That is why we would like to share a few ideas here with you. 

    LOL, the Czech team


    In 2018 we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia in 1918. Our school is organizing
    a) a competition in e-painting with the topic of the anniversary
    b) a Photographic competition 
    with the topic of the anniversary

    Creating pictures in the PAINTING programme is another suggestion how to use new technologies and devices creatively.

    The pupils of KVARTA class, who work on this project, took part in these competitions too and you can see their paintings below here.


    Which painting photo / do you like best?

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    Bioblitz thus technologies in practice 

    On Friday 23/6/2018 morning the biology lesson was different from usual for a few students from kvarta class because they took part in one-hour BIOBLITZ in the town centre. How many plants in flower can one find, take a photo of and determine within an hour? You may be surprised but we have more than 40 different observations. Most of them were made on the car park close to the bus station but the biggest "catch" was a photograph of Jimsonweed growing in the gap between a house and pavement just about a few meteres far from the school. For determination we used the application iNaturalist and you can see our photos HERE.