GIFTs from the Czech team

  • Here are two vacation gifts for you



    Dear friends, the holidays are here in two weeks´ time - isn´t it great?
    However, we are still at school and revise what we have learnt this year.

    We are not passive learners and so we revise actively too. We spent two classes in the IT room creating crosswords in Learningapps and then doing the other students´ crosswords. The topic was the vocabulary learnt this year.

    We would like to share our crosswords with you. It is our gift for the holidays.



    On 27/6/2018 KVARTA students had their last English class and they didn´t waste it - they went for the last time into ther IT room and worked collaboratively on a KAHOOT revising grammar. Each student had to supply two sentences with the a) b) c) d) options and than Jan V. made them into a common KAHOOT.
    Honestly, we didn´t have time to play it but we can use it when we are back at school in September. And you can play it in September too. :-)






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