Preschoolers can not comprehend a change of an an action or an object without observing or practising themselves apart from the transactions that they’re used to. Preschool science teaching has an utmost importance in making them have a positive attitude against science starting from the earlier periods and helping kids comprehend the relations between actions and objects.




    - To help children find answers to concepts and objects that they observe as a result of their interactions with the environment
    - To build cognitive and emotional patterns on children’s minds related to science activities.
    - To make them have the ability to approach scientifically to daily life problems.
    - To help them develop a positive attitude towards science concepts that are abstract and complicated.
    - To provide them with the learning abilities by experincing and discovering.



    Country teams are going to be formed. 
    -The Project is going to consist of monthly activities. 
    -Teachers are going to share the activities science that children perform together on twinspace regularly and follow their partners from there. 
    -Every participant is going to share pictures and videos that introduce the country and children and a logo is going to be selected. 
    -Every Partner has to prepare 5 experiments.(children's videosu)
    -These experiments must be carried out by children, the teacher will guide them.
    -Partners have to prepare a Word document and describe the steps, which materials are used, than upload these to Twinspace. 

    -The parents will present the experiment with the children in class.

    -:Every partner will choose 1 experiments among the other partners experiments and apply them with children
    -The children , family and the teachers are going to evaluate the Project.
    -Final product: At the end of this project we want to create an experiment e-book.



    -They are going to learn science concepts.
    - They are going to develop a positive attitude towards science concepts.
    - They are going to develop some basic features that are essential in all periods 
    in one’s life like problem solving and versatile thinking.
    - During the project the pupils will develop understanding and tolerance 
    towards diversity and find out about different countries and cultures. 
    - The teachers are going to experience different approaches in training.
    - E-books and experiment videos are going to be generated.