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Four primary classes work together on creating an original fairy tale into a story book. Classes take it in turns to create different parts of the story alternatively. The final presentation is then published on the twin space. To make the experience more real, pupils also produce fairytale-related objects, present the fairy tale on stage and creat...

Project Journal

  • Thanks to you, you you,you and you


    - Posted by Andreja Jertec, 09.10.2018

  • thanks to you


    - Posted by Ivona Ožanova, 16.09.2018

  • FINAL PRODUCT - a book

    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 19.06.2018

  • Hello! I have just uploaded here 5 illustrations to the story which is nearly finished. They are made by our talented painter from the Year 5 JULIA. She also drew the picture below of the Archer. Now, she decided to change the tools and she drew everything on her tablet!!!! One is here, enjoy the rest in IMAGES FOLDER :-)


    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 17.06.2018

  • We have nearly finished. Julia, the author of this drawing, is making illustrations of different parts of the story. Can´t wait to see them! What will be your final product?

    IMG_20180417_095529_194 - Copy.jpg

    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 12.06.2018