Project activity plan

  • Diverse, multidisciplinary pupils activity in forest in autumn, winter, spring and summer (talks, observations, explorations, experiments, plays and other agile and musical activities) and sharing of the good practices in the project’s TwinSpace site.

    I stage. Autumn. September, October, November.

    • Presentation and introduction of the group, class, school.
    • Forest in the autumn; trees and bushes in the immediate surroundings.
    • Creation of “Book of leaves“.

    II stage. Winter. December, January, February.

    • Forest in the winter; small and big animals, footsteps in the snow.
    • Activity “Lets help animals and birds!“
    • Songs, dances, musical games about animals that live in the forest.

    III stage. Spring. March, April, May.

    • Forest in the spring; birds, insects.
    • Nature cleanup campaign.
    • Creative Plein Air – drawing on tree stamps.  

    IV stage. Summer. June.

    • Forest in the summer; water, sun, fresh air.
    • Musical and agile activities “See you soon“.