• Our Calendar of Activities is the following:



    1. The LOGO competition:

    Students are to imagine / design a logo for the project and upload it on a Padlet 

    End of September : Using AnswerGarden, a vote will then be organized to choose everybody's favourite logo and the winner will be announced. The winning logo will be the one displayed on the Twinspace.

    2. Getting-to-know you activities

    a- POEMS

    Students introduce themselves writing a guided poem.  They are encouraged to be creative and express themselves just the way they are. Students upload their poems on a Padlet.

    b- Find someone who...

    This is an ice-breaking activity. To get our students to read and really get to know each other, teachers will collect photos which depict something mentioned in poems and post all of them in another Padlet so that the students will guess who the photo is related to and why.

    This is the way we are going to proceed : 

     SRBV commenting on FREU; FREU commenting on NO; NO commenting on SRBO; SRBO commenting on FRMS and FRMS commenting on SRBV




    WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR - first, writing a story / dialogue / a sketch about friends and friendship: Friends Forever or What Friends are for and then recording a video with the students acting a scene with the message.

    Using AnswerGarden, a vote will then be organized to choose the best short film.




    Students edit an emagazine. Asking students to write their ingredients for happiness. Each student gets one page and writes the idea and draws a picture to go along with it. All the pages together will make up an emagazine.  A visioconference will be held for the students to have the opportunity to talk about what makes them happy.



    Ss describe their dream job ( I’d like to ;,  I wish I could, If only I could work …. etc ) . The others can give  the reasons for and against certain jobs (using tricider for example )

    What could be fun is to ask the other Ss to write an advert for one of the dream job on the line of what has been done in Australia recently ;-) ( it can be a poster, an infography, a short text or a video clip.




    Ss create their own format of a reality TV show and create a poster or advert/opening title. It must be educational, yet appealing to young people

    Using Framapad and working in multinational teams, students discuss their favourite reality TV show and then create a poster or advert/opening title.



    Saying goodbye and leaving messages to each other.

    Survey:What do you think about the project? (Google Forms)