Belgium has drawn up a definitive learning line ICT, Coding and Robotics.

  • Dear friends,

    After two years together with you, dear partners, looking for coding programs and suitable robots. Testing and becoming familiar with programs and robots, by both students and teachers. Following refresher courses at various courses and workshops. Determining the level and assigning it to the different coding programs and robots to the classes. Drawing up a pre-learning line and discussing the feasibility, we have reached a definitive learning line at "Het Molenschip Evergem", which we want to introduce into our school-building plan. From 1 September 2019, this learning line will be definitively inserted and our teachers will work with their students on these assignments twice a month. The school has invested a great deal in recent months in purchasing the necessary materials and will continue to do so in the future.
    We are happy to present this to you today.

    Philippe for the school team

    Leerlijn ICT.pdf

    Leerlijn programmeren.pdf