An impression of the first "learning Event" in Spain.

  • The first "Learning event" took place at the Ceip San Fernando school in Aranjuez (Spain) It was the first meeting of teachers and students together. On the program was the testing of detailed work cards related to coding programs. Outside, we were presented with different workshops by external organizations. Like working with the Lego Wedo 2.0, a similar robot with the Beebot, a workable plate with the Microbit and the Makey Makey and a comparable robot with the ozone robot. Furthermore, the lego were allowed to test Mindstorms Ev3 on the work table of the first Lego Challenge. ON the outside area there was also worked with dromes and other robots. Of course, the cultural aspect could also be discussed, this was achieved through a discovery of the royal city of Arranjuez, the capital Madrid and the former capital Toledo.
    This "Learning Event" was successful thanks to the cooperation of the families, which our students very well received, the teachers who gave us a tour in their school and their education system did, as well as cooperated with us in the performance and testing of the robots. We also enjoyed cullinary meals, which taught us how to discover the Spanish cuisine.
    It was a lasting memory for our students and a very successful and instructive encounter. Thanks to the school, her team and the families.