Project Schedule



    About the project

    The aim of the project is to create a living map of Europe with the exchanging of postcards across Europe. The postcards will include different topics : 1)Who are you? 2)Where do you live ? What's your National food? What are your traditions? Students will share on twinspace their school, their cities / towns, their interests and hobbies by photos, videos and descriptions . The project will run from September to February .We will celebrate Christmas time too. We will use English and mother tongue for the postcards and 2.0 web tools on Twinspace . The final product will be a living map of Europe in each partner school with the postcards.


    The project will :

    develop communicative competence in foreign language ( English);
    develop digital skills
    develop collaborative skills
    motivate students to work in group
    broaden students' knowledge about European countries (Geography, traditions , food , custumes )
    establish peer education
    help to improve students' personally and professionally .
    help to establish friendship across Europe
    help to build a European awareness

    Work process

    The project activities will be divided in Icebreaking activity and getting into the subject . Each month students will work on a topic on Twinspace and  than they will send postcards to school partners
    September : let's know each other ( Students' Padlet ) Teachers' presentation-meeting -suggestions and expectations -  Interactive map- Team logo
    October : Where do you live ?( Geography , capital city , flag )  Europe map( working progress video )  - 1st exchanging deadline 10th October -

    Food habits - National food - National recipes - food challenge -(Tricider)
    November : My school. let's swap our schools( Videos )- Posters
    December : Christmas in my country- Christmas wishes Padlet- Christmas song - Students' meeting -Christmas cards  2nd exchanging  deadline 5th December
    January :  Traditions, custumes and festivals in my country- Collaborative task - What do you know about the countries involved?( evaluation)

    Jigsaw Puzzle - World heritage Site in my country
    February : Sain Valentine's day - Friendship messages from my country - 3rd exchanging deadline 30th January

    March : Cultural Heritage Padlet ;

    April : Cooperative Story : I have a dream

    May  : Evaluation - Students and teachers questionnaire - Let's say good bye( Word Art)  - E-book
    Each decision will be communicated and shared with school partners , each activity will be published on twinspace and dissiminate in the school  on  web site, blog, socials  Materials will be uploaded in the country page.

    Members : 23

    Expected results

    The final product will be a living map of Europe in each school partners, a public Twinspace in order to share best practices.