• Description of the project.

    Our school , Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Della Corte Vanvitelli" is a new formed  Istitution and it is the result of a fusion of three different schools such as Technical Commercial School, Technical Industrial School "Della Corte" and Technical School for Surveyors "L.Vanvitelli". This Institute is situated in Cava dei Tirreni not far from Salerno. In this city,  the percentage of youth crime is particularly high, for this reason the school has a very important role to avoid school dropout.
    It acts as a hinge between the geographical area Agro Sarnese-Nocerino (flat and  Agricultural Economics morphology and Industrial) and Sorrento and Amalfi peninsula (mountainous morphology and Oriented economy mainly to tourism).
    Acknowledgment of geoeconomic conditions the past and the design of a new development model, built on the existing real, rather than imaginary possibility of return to be "What we used." And the existing today is characterized by an allocation of 
    monumental goods of great environmental value, not by an entrepreneurial culture even lost, but by a relative isolation from the main roads, which can also be the point of force for a quality city. Smart European Pass is the result of a careful consideration about the opportunity to create conditions  aimed at improving the professional competence of teachers involved in the project with a very positive impact on students, school, community  and territory.
    Teachers and Management Staff  are facing several concerns regarding the new school organization, new contents according to different study courses offered by the school in a European context. Many teachers need to improve their second language skills  to the future Final State Exam which requires a proper competence in L2  in non linguistic subjects. As technical school, it is really necessary to strengthen cooperation with foreign schools in order to facilitate staff and students mobility in future European projects. From the analysis of our school needs, our attention is focused on the improvement of the quality of teaching methods, professional and career development, better quality of work and activities in favour of students, Foreign Language Competences, encrease motivation and satisfaction with daily work, develop innovative tools to give the students more opportunities to learn successfully, improve the quality of management and start projects based on the alternation of school and work. According to all our needs we have planned n. 20 mobilities in one year with  7 teachers  and 3 administration offficers will visit our school partners (the receiving schools) for a  jobshadowing  activity aimed at learning the organisation system for  alternation of school and work, their teaching methods and tools used in class, the laboratories and the administration offices system. 2 Teachers of technical subjects with a level B1 of knowledge in English, will participate to training course regarding the CLIL  methodology in Malta at AClass c/o ST. Catherine's High School, and 6 teachers included will participate to a structured training course in Spain to English Matters S.L. and 2 teachers will be involved in a training course in Romania to Colegiul Agricol si de Industrie Alimentara "Vasile Adamachi" on the new technologies. We would like to strenghten our  school’s international connections, make new contacts with schools in Europe, carry out more eTwinning projects, introduce IT and Clil methods in the daily teaching and project work at our school. We plan, during the next years, to create an online Bank of Resources for different subjects. All the undertakings will lead to creating a new dimension of our school, changing methods of work and motivating students. Teachers’ participation in the courses will give them tools to achieve the above mentioned goals.