"We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children" is an ancient Indian proverb that tells us about the importance of protecting our planet. We should raise awareness for environmental issues and lead our pupils towards the adoption of active eco-friendly actions.


    Project Journal

    • We are very proud!


      - Posted by LANNEAU LAURENT, 30.06.2018

    • a glass ecosystem

      - Posted by Rosa Rita Boiano, 22.06.2018

    • I.C. AVIO

      - Posted by Rosa Rita Boiano, 18.06.2018

    • In the DDMN Primary school greek web site:

      Dissemination in the school site.png

      - Posted by Stavroula Lada, 17.06.2018

    • Presenting the products of our project to the parents,teachers, the head teachers and the classmates in our school, DDMN Primary school in Chania, Greece:

      sDissemination of our eTwinning projects 2.jpg

      seTwinning books dissemination.jpg

      - Posted by Stavroula Lada, 16.06.2018