"We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children" is an ancient Indian proverb that tells us about the importance of protecting our planet. We should raise awareness for environmental issues and lead our pupils towards the adoption of active eco-friendly actions.


    Project Journal

    • Today,one group has prepared some news about the most important ecological issues in our school:
      Every wednesday we take fruit for breakfast. The other classes have a poster with months of the year. A delegate counts how many people take fruit.The class that has the highest number of fruit in the poster are the winners and they win a prize.
      Marta, Irene and Noa

      On Thursday we bring the boc & roll. Before going to the playround we count the people that brings the boc & roll. And the class that participates more wins a recognition in one podium and the school can see what class is de winner.
      Yuanyang, Lucia Luque and Laura.

      In the school the food is very ecological for example: tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, The most ecological food is fish ,because is very healthy.
      The chicken is very ecologic. All the days the children eat fruit but one day of the week we eat yogurt. Paula, Marina, Claudia and Ainoa.

      - Don't use your car and use the bus
      - Recicle pencils for the firewood
      - Recicle your bottles and plastics
      Álex and Álex

      In the garden , the boys and girls plant some vegetables to eat at lunch time. This way, we don't waste too much money. The cooks use these ingredients to cook our meals.
      Miquel, Lucia M and Mar

      In the green corner of the school, we bring crafts that we did in our houses with recycled objects. Every week, Clara puts one activity that we have to resolve. There are recycled materials that we can use for the crafts at school or at home.
      Héctor, Victor and Alex

      This day is the world environment day. It is very important in the world. We have to respect the world because the contamination is very bad for our health.
      Jan, Noah and Pol

      In the playground, we put 2 bins of organic and 2 bins of plastic. The people put the rests of their breakfast there. There are 2 responsibles of bins. When you put anything in the bin the responsibles give you a little paper with a flower. And all the classes keep the papers in a box and 1 day of the month, they go and tell how many flowers they have and the class who has more, has a prize for the whole class.
      Zoe, Rafa and Naiara

      - Posted by Cristina Cebrian Iciarra, 24.04.2018

    • the day of Earth 2018..protect the planet
      - Posted by Irene Noli, 21.04.2018

    • This is the gardening project in 3A Sabbionara, IC Avio (ITALY)
      - Posted by Chiara Pasquini, 21.04.2018

    • Here is our collaborative comic between the students of Vicky Giannopoulou and Stavroula Lada about how we can make our school yard more green. Thank you for the collaboration! We enjoyed it!

      our collaborative comic.png

      - Posted by Stavroula Lada, 18.04.2018

    • Dear partners, inspired by our project and your activities in making our school yards greener, we started our activities by planting our first seeds in pots. We will monitor the development of our plants and when they grow up, we will transfer then in our school garden! Wish us luck :-)


      - Posted by Stavroula Lada, 18.04.2018