About the project

  • British and American Culture project has got six members :) Kasia from Poland (Siedlce), Valentina from Romania, Mihaela from Romania, Melanie from France,Tihana from Croatia and Anna from Poland (Gdynia) All are welcome to see here :D

    Part I 2016/2017 school year

    In this project students create and answer questions concerning British (English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish) and American culture.

    Students create two sets of questions (written and oral - video) and answer the partner’s set of questions (also written and video form).

    During the project practicing knowledge using padlet and Kahoot!

    At the end of the part I of the project all students will take part in a video conference as competitions between them.The students involved in this project will play the Kahoot games created during our project (from our closed question) They will have the chance to meet live, to compete and learn at the same time.

    After finishing the first part of the project we will make the evaluation for teachers and students as well. We use AnswerGarden and Google Survey.

    Part II 2017/2018 school year

    Plans to discuss and make decisions together.

    Each team will create the logo of our project and than we will use Tricider to vote on one of them.

    Our students will create an electronic book with information concerning English speaking countries in cooperation in international groups in questions-answers form.

    All participants - teachers and students will take part in Voice Thread discussion to sum up our project.