Czech team :-)

  • Czech Republic, Karviná

    This is our team... who is who? :-)

    1. I am Kristýna Knyblová. I am fourteen years old. I am standing and I have Christmas chain on my neck. I have got brown long hair.

    2. Hi. I’m Markéta Balážová. I’m wearing the grey jumper and black trousers. I’m  having a bootle of mineral water in my hand.

    3. I’m Kristián Derík. I’m wearing the black jumper. I’m standing and I’m  holding a mirror in my hand.

    4. My name is Soňa Peterová. I’m  got long dark brown hair. A devil i sitting in my head. I’m wearing black clothes.

    5. Hello. I am Nikolas Moskal. I’m fifteen years old. I’m standing and I’m  holding a flower in my hand.

    6. Hi. I ma Nikola Jančová. I’m  16 years old. I have long brown hair. I am wearing dark green shirt and black jeans. I’m  standing in the middle.

    7. My name is Nikola Tancošová. I have got long fair hair. I have got green eyes. I’m sitting on my friend’s shoulders.

    8. My name is Erika Badiová. I have long black hair. I’m fourteen years old. I have long black hair. I’m wearing the grey T-shirt and I’m standing.

    Hi everyone :) it was really fun reading and trying to figure out who is who :) Nice to meet you all.

    You can see the other photos, of our school/class in materials :-)

    Nice pictures guys. what a green school you have,perfect.