Cultural Exchange

We want the students to participate in some with special moments of surprises to be kept in memory. In the project, we want to make the students to learn and to share empathy between each other. For that, during our project we will create and prepare bags with symbolic gifts , some souvenirs, some cultural small gifts in it. They will send these ba...

Project Journal

  • Thanks for a really amazing project :-) enjoy the summer time... and maybe see you in the future again :-)
    - Posted by Petra Lasotová, 28.06.2017

  • Hi friends :-) we got your letter ... we will open it today :-) thank you so much
    Have a nice day
    - Posted by Petra Lasotová, 08.06.2017

  • Chat today was amazing, awesome ;-) thank you for everything
    - Posted by Petra Lasotová, 02.06.2017

  • Hi from Turkey !
    We got the letters today and as soon as we got them, we started to search what to write :) we hope to send them on Friday :) tomorrow, we will upload more pictures and videos about us and our writing process ;) 
    Have nice week ��
    - Posted by Bahriye KAYA, 31.05.2017

  • Hi our friends from Turkey!
    We have finely enough materials...we can start to write letter from the Czech Republic :-) on Friday we go to post office :-) we will look forward to your answer
    Have a nice week :-)
    - Posted by Petra Lasotová, 08.05.2017