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    THE ARK (fr08) 


    2050, the planet Earth has become radioactive. In order to keep the humankind alive, a school set up a program allowing some trained students to fly to exoplanets.

    Flo 1 and Sol 9 are two students who will try to ally themselves in order to find a solution to stay on Earth and save the planet.

    After browsing the space in their spaceship, Flo 1, Sol 9 and others students who embraber in the same spaceship loose the contact with all civilizations, they are now facing themselves.

    There after, they return on planet Earth and try to save the planet, sadly it's too late to change anything. All animals are dead.

    Flo 1 and Sol 9 recover the last few uncontaminated energies et fly to an Exoplanet where they are going to try to settle.


    SADNESS (fr07)


    Summary of the first scene:

    Two characters (a young male recently patentee, FLO1, and a female student, SOL9) embody two differing opinions on the mission assigned by the European Union to the Space Academy. They are joined during their discussion by MI5 and VAN8, two future technicians on the spacecraft "L'Arche".

    The boys are trying to seize the ship after takeoff, because they believe that an exoplanet is a target too far away and that it is better to stay in the solar system Sol9 think for its part that it is still possible to save the Earth, and would like to dedicate all the means of the mission.

    The scenario :

    Sol9 is found a few months later, as preparations for take-off are underway and the three boys are busy maintaining and preparing the engines.

    Meanwhile, Sol9 faces Ova7, the head of veterinary services. Both young women are supposed to have both telepathic gifts and to be able to communicate with living beings. But Sol9 feels none of the effects implied by the talent attributed to him. She hates Ova7, whom she suspects of lying and wants to draw attention to herself by simulating a gift, that also justifies her rank as a superior space officer. But the course of the dispute changes when Ova confesses that she is also hostile to the mission. During the discussion, Sol9 begins to experience the telepathic sensations she doubted existed.

    Shaken, Sol9 tries to use his abilities and ends up hearing the thoughts of a dog. She then realizes the great sadness of animals, none of which wants to leave the Earth ...



    By Ana, Maïna, Rosalie and Alejandra


    SPACE OPERA (fr06)

    Characters: Artolz, Lasbz and Azz

    Rocket: Sakakini

    Planet: Oyoki

    Use of Characters: Lasbz (pilot and Aeronautical Engineer) Artolz (copilot and Spacionaut) Azee (Veterinarian and Biologist)


    We are in 2673


    The first scene takes place at the pergola in Saint Jean de Luz, overlooking the sea, with Lasbz and Azee as characters.

    Lasbz is taIking with Azee in order to convince her to join the spaceship called Sakakini, because the Earth is in danger (all species are in the process of extinction). She is not enthusiastic…


    On the 9th of June 2673, the Sakakini rocket is ready for take off with the professional elite of the European Union aboard. Lasbz and mainly Artolz have managed to motivate Azee. She did accept to bring his know-how and his intellectual skills with the aim of re-creating life on a planet still unknown (Oyoki exoplanet).


    The ARK is a revolutionary sort of spaceship, equipped with several compartments that extends over thousands of square meters. The first cabin is occupied by Lasbz, who is in charge of the journey and the smooth running of the vehicle. This cabin consists of 3 dashboards including one providing all the natural needs of a human such as food, drinks and the accessories necessary for survival. This cabin is strictly reserved for the spaceship’s drivers.


    In the middle of the ship we have a second (but the most important) room managed by Azee, who is responsible for keeping alive the fauna and flora. A chalenge since species are not being in their natural environment. These living beings will be carefully introduced by Artolz on Oyoki, as soon as they arrive.


    A love story (between Lasbz and Azee) will happen, thanks to a special appointment given by Lasbz to Azee in order her to visit her friend Artolz. She will manage to enter the pilot's cabin and give birth to a child.


    The end

    The rocket, after carrying out its experiments, parks in orbit around Oyoki to see how species develop and react to an environment that is hostile to them.

    Artolz decides to let the family in the new world, he will return lonely to the Earth with the ship to retrieve the last resources and provisions they will use later on Oyoki.


    THEO et JEAN


    RESIGNATION (fr05)

    We are in 2164, and our planet is undergoing disastrous climatic and environmental changes. In the face of repeated cataclysms, the world's greatest powers are investing in projects to evacuate the last living beings to space. While some countries want to build some large artificial satellites, the European Union wants to build an Ark and send a mission to colonize an exoplanet. His future crew is trained in a specialized school, in which Sol9 and Flo1 are students.

    The two heroes meet ceaselessly in one of the boxes artificially reproducing the conditions of life on earth. It is a replica of Saint-Jean-de-Luz bay, intended to be embarked on the Ark to live marine animals. The girl can access this simulator only with the help of the boy, a little older and provided with the "badge" that proves that he passed his exams and will be part of the crew of L'Arche. She has yet to prove herself. On the other hand, as Flo and a handful of friends plot to hijack the mission and stay in the solar system, scared by the distance to reach a viable outer planet, Sol would prefer that everything be tempted to save Earth.

    Some months later…
    Sol did not succeed in rallying his comrades, while Flo and his family were able to convince. She is forced to follow the group and go into space. However, she does not give up, persuaded to be able to repair the Earth with the help of the crew.

    But over time, Sol notes the futility of his project (a scene shows it in full depression). Once the ark stabilizes in orbit around Saturn, according to Flo's plan, since he was promoted captain, she realizes that life in space is not as disappointing as she had imagined. She discovers on the Ark ecosystems as real as those of the Earth, and find happiness in her relationship with animals.

    BY Loréna O, Thomas, Méline et Loréna R




    After the first scene of the film ... Flo (the young man) and Sol (the girl) are angry and stay for a moment without talking to each other. But Sol learns to use his psychic talents.


    A very important scene to write: she communicates with the animals and explains to them the dilemma: to stay on Earth or to leave, to create a new ark of Noah.


    At one point, Sol converted to Flo's projects. She follows the movement, integrates the crew and leaves the Earth ... Eventually, the spaceship  is leaving for an exoplanet.


    A few centuries later: Zoom on the Earth seen from a shuttle, by some children. After the departure of human beings, the planet has self-repaired itself. Nature has taken back its rights and the Earth is now saved from Men.





    The earth is devastated by the madness of men. They looted all possible natural resources and continued to exploit and consume as if nothing had happened. The air became unbreathable because of the high pollution, the species disappearing from minute to minute, and the decrease of oxygen due to deforestation now make the land uninhabitable.

    Time was now counted. That's why the politicians of the biggest powers came together to make a decision: to select an elite minority to colonize an exo-planet of our system named Colony. Each country has the right to select a certain number of people according to their population.

    Thus, young people are trained to have sufficient skills in science, biology, culture, and all the skills required to repopulate a planet. Flo 1 and Sol 9 are part of this young team destined to leave on Colony. However they have different ideas about this project: Flo 1 wants to leave, but do not think that the travelers will survive until the arrival on the exo planet, and even if some arrive alive, they will not survive long time.

    He wants to take control of the station named The Arck and bring it into orbit around Jupiter. So he created a team that shares the same ideals as him to put his plan into action.
    Sol 9, meanwhile, thinks it's useless to leave as cowards on another planet or even to orbit around another, she wants to save her planet and so stay.

    So Sol 9 will propose to go and discover the land and what it has become since all humans live in concrete structures and only scientists have access to outside for analysis. Sol 9 will break the rules and take Flo 1 in spite of himself, outside.

    It will realize that governments are lying because they continue to exploit natural resources despite their promises. She sees trawlers, fishing boats and all that in the middle of the garbage. In this macabre landscape, there is no tree, no natural space around; no corner of greenery.
    They get caught by security, and Sol 9 succeeds in persuading the police that she forced Flo 1 to come with her, so it's not her fault. He is released.

    The launch of the ship is the next day. Flo 1 managed to gather worshipers and expose his plan in detail to the crowd.
    Sol 9 no longer has the right to leave because of the fact that she is imprisoned, she must also be executed because she discovered the secrets of the states. She also discovers that only one pair of each protected animal species remains, housed in a building reserve. The animals must also leave with the other people chosen to populate the exo planet.

    Only if Flo 1 wants to take control of the ship to put it into orbit will the animals die because of their inability to this new environment.
    In addition, Sol 9 wants to save the planet by including the fact that nature must regain its rights. She wants to stop the animals from leaving. She develops a plan to escape the prison and send a message to Flo 1 for help before the ship leaves.

    She will manage to escape and by the way she will see the map of the remaining natural areas. She sees a green space remaining, next to the building accessible in a few hours. She succeeds in joining Flo1. A heated debate ensues. She convinces him to help him.
    Thus they will take control of the building with allies in agreement with their ideals.

    In the end, the inhabitants have the choice: either go to the exo planet or stay to "die" according to the leaders since they remain on their positions. Flo1 is in a dilemma. He decides to leave anyway because he wants to discover the space and its possibilities. He promises to return to Sol 9 if the exo planet is really habitable and if they manage to recreate a civilization. But she knows it's wrong. A heart-rending goodbye follows.


    S Manon TL L Lénnie TL
    M Jennifer TL et D Léa TES2


    THE SAVIOURS (fr02)

    As the earth is too polluated it began to be unlivable. Scientists decided to create a school where teenagers would be formed in order to be part of a spacial crew that would go out of the solar system and will search for another viable planet.
    But some young people diseagree with those scientist and don’t believe in this expedition.

    In front of the simulator of sea, Flo1 is meeting Sol9 to talk secretly. They are joined by Van8 and Mi5 to rest in the solar system instead of going through the univers to find another planet with the conditions of terrestrial life. The boys believe it’s impossible and insane and they decided to talk to Sol9 about this because they are aware that she has the same opinion. 
    The boys would like to stay in orbit in the solar system and often going back to earth when they need ressources. In the opposite, Sol9 thinks that the problem is to leave definitly the earth and she would prefer that all the money and technologies that are put in the spatialship should be used to restore and protect the earth.
    Unfortunetly they were not alone. Another student who was in favor of the ark, heard them and decided to denonce them to the director of the project. 
    After that , the four rebels were summoned by the director and were arrested because of their opinion.
    Until the departure of the ark the director decided to isolate them in a cell and nobody knew about their arrestation.
    The students wondered what happens to those pupils.
    They succeed to escape and one of their closest friends helped to hide from the director and pro-ark people.
    One of them hacked the systems of the cell , they secretly join their friend.
    Little by little they spread the idea of protecting the earth instead of living it and the hope of a revolution grow in the student’s minds. 
    They distributed tracts.
    Therefore¸ the students started to fight to stay on earth : strikes against the governors and politics.

    At the end as the majority of stutents were against the ark its never happened and stayed in earth. They started to protect the nature and to take care of the environment and the animals.

    Marie P - Noa S - Leila G / TL



    Louis, Mehdi, Clara (T.L)

    After the climatic disaster, Earth’s state has made Humanity move in floating shelters. Protected by domes, where they rebuilt their ancient living places, survivors developed technologies in order to seek another habitable planet.

    Flo 1 and Sol 9 are part of the European Scientific Department, but they don’t share the same purpose as Noah’s Arch’s creators : a project which aims at conserving earth’s biodiversity, while giving up the latter.

    Sol, who’s able to communicate with animals, has to take care of them. She doesn’t want to leave her planet, and would prefer using their new technologies to save it.

    On the other hand, Flo wants to change the mission’s order and moor the spaceship around Jupiter’s orbit.

    Their disagreement creates a conflict between them. Unfortunately, their roles are reversed ; Sol becomes the new leader of the starship and has to leave for good. As one of the best scientist of the new generation, Flo has to take care of the dome and keep an eye on the mission from ground.

    Their ambitions crushed, both question their point of view. After sharing their anger with each other, it’s time for the spaceship to take off. Sol, while seeing the state of Earth from space, wonders if Flo was right after all. Trying to save Earth might not be the best solution.

      Flo, stuck on the ground and condemned to death if he stays here, decides to take on Sol’s project in order to save what’s left of their home.