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    THEME of the FORUM N+C eTwinning: Technology, impacts on health and environment

    PLAN PROPOSE  EN 2016-2017, première année d'implantation
    Définition préalable (par des élèves de Terminale) de grandes problématiques et premières recherches (décembre 2016  -  mars 2017)... Les questions ont été posées par les Terminales de la section économique et sociale TES, en Français. Les élèves de Terminale scientifique vont les traduire en Anglais et apporteront leur expertise aux élèves chargés de répondre : des élèves de Seconde (classe de Seconde 4). Les élèves tourneront un petit clip en Anglais pour traiter du sujet choisi, à restituer au plus tard en mai. On s'efforcera de monter un ou polusieurs films transnationaux en juin.
    La méthodologie :orties de terrain, enquêtes sur la situation locale  et comptes-rendus  anticipe sur celle d enotre projet de KA2 et sera poursuivie à l'automne par une nouvelle génération d'élèves.

    SCHEDULE for the FORUM N+C beginnings (2016-2017)

    Before March: French pupils of last class (Terminales ES) did find existing debates about our subject and made little videos to ask questions about : these samples are in the Twinspace "Videos" section (please open the dedicated French folder).

    From March : Other French pupils of Terminales S began to work on an english translation in order to produce new films (in English) for all the groups. Project holders (teachers) must do the registration of one group of students in each partner school (1st year pupils of "Seconde" in France : these young people are 15-16 years old).

    From April : Orders/instructions (in English) given by older French pupils must be posted here. The works to answer could start in all the country.  TS could help the younger students.

    Warning : it's very important to go quickly and be aware of deadlines, because we have no time enough to waste it (2 holidays week in April in France, end of classrooms before the end of May, only a few hours to dedicate to this eTwinning).

    To show videos : a simple way to do that, it's to put movies in YOUTUBE (you have an account if you are a Gmail user). After that, you will obtain a link from Youtube to insert films click on "add Videos" in the Twinspace (and upload in your national folder, please).

    FROM 2017, most of participants in FORUM N+C took part in the activities of the Erasmusplusanimals partnesrhip (a three years ka2 project involving 4 schools from Bulgaria, France, Romania and Portugal)


    Erasmusplusanimals partnership

    E+A (Noah) - THE INITIAL PROGRAMME (as in the applicant form) and some changes

    Year 1
    R1 in France (December 2017) Kick off meeting
    C1 in Germany (May 2018) / eventually IN ROMANIA: Editing from rushes of a transnational film with a double cultural and scientific aspect. Presentation of the different schools in their environment through workshops (classroom inclusions).

    Year 2
    R2 in Bulgaria (October 2018)
    Evaluation of first year's works and impacts. Brain storming for second year implementation.
    C2 in Romania (November 2018): Presentation of a slide show on the cruel games and traditions of the countries of origin. Field survey on biodiversity and the human-animal relationship: Transylvanian example, geological, biological and cultural data. Shooting of sequences by transnational teams. Debriefing of surveys and editing of rushes in workshops. Meeting with veterinary medicine students and workshop on empathy. Official screening of the film produced in Year 1
    C3 in Bulgaria (May 2019) Debate and drafting of a European Chart for the City Human beings and Animals. Workshops on caring for animals as a means of empathy. Transnational field surveys on livestock and agricultural practices. Official screening of the film made during the second year.
    R3 in Germany (June 2019) / eventually IN FRANCE
    Evaluation of first year's works and impacts. Brain storming for third year implementation.

    Year 3
    R4 in Romania (October 2019) Planning of the movie making process
    (writing, shooting, producting phases)
    C4 in Portugal (November 2019) Visits of equine farms and an ornithological reserve and reflection on the action of human being on the animals (sampling, selection, preservation). Scientific workshops on exoplanets and life outside the Earth and literary club on animals and monsters in the literature of anticipation: writing the missing scenes ...
    in order to breed the movie making process
    C5 in France (April 2020) Making of the final film (THE ARK). Visits focusing on marine fauna ; Party, exhibitions and projection.

    FORUM N+C Twinspace is a collaborative space on line. Students have to cooperate to make a synopsis and prepare themselves to be a staff in a motion picture crew.


    R5 in Portugal (June or July 2020).
    Multiplier event.

     Note that results and dissemination are available online in a public portail, our transational spot NOAH

    But all reports and explanations about outputs a/ndor Quality Control Follow up are in the French Coordinator's website