About the project


    The idea of the project is to share charming Christmas moments with schools from all over Europe. We will create videos up to 2 min long with pupils and teachers ‘frozen’ in any Christmas related activity (like in Mannequin Challenge). 


    The most important idea here is to share Christmas mood and emotions as real as possible! Take videos of real activities going on at school! Don’t fake them:-) For example, if you are taking video of pupils sharing Christmas biscuits with their friends, make sure they really share them after the video has been taken:-) 


    However, you should also add some show elements and acting as well to make it more fun for pupils, to make them feel what it is like to be an actor, to reveal emotions better, etc. 


    Project Plan


    Planning activities (December)

    (forming school teams, discussing the ideas, sharing responsibilities, planning activities)


    Creating videos (December)

    (taking videos of the activity, reviewing them, choosing the best one, improving it, adding sound track)


    Sharing videos (up to mid January)

    (uploading videos to YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion, sharing the link on TwinSpace Material section, creating a school page and embedding the video link there)


    Commenting and voting (January)

    (commenting on partner’s videos and voting for the best ones)