Stop This Charming Christmas Moment!

The idea of the project is to share charming Christmas moments with people from all over Europe. Participants of the project will create videos up to 2 min long with pupils and teachers ‘frozen’ in any Christmas related activity (like in Mannequin Challenge). We will explore each others’ videos, discuss and vote for the best ones.

Project Journal

  • Congratulations to the winners - class 10a from Portugal! Runners-up are classes 10a from Lithuania (13 points), 10c from Portugal (12 points) and 7a from Lithuania (10 points). Thank you for your votes!


    - Posted by Stasele Riskiene, 15.02.2017

  • Dear partners, as all the videos have been uploaded and shared we would like to invite you to vote for the best ones. Go to the page "Voting" and share which videos you liked most. Thank you!
    - Posted by Stasele Riskiene, 20.01.2017

  • Turkish pupils have created a video about an old New Year's Eve in Turkey.
    - Posted by Gülden Baran, 16.01.2017

  • Welcome to the project!
    - Posted by Stasele Riskiene, 19.12.2016