Our Christmas Story


    The students from Greece and Poland wrote a Christmas story using a collaborative writing tool called meetingwords.  By using answergarden, they decided to include the following special words:

    • Christmas Eve, Christmas carols, presents, happy, Christmas tree, snow, snowman


      On December 15th, all students met each other online and with a lot of inspiration they composed a beautiful Christmas story which is set in the middle of the forest at night on Christmas Eve (the night before Christmas). The main character is a little boy who lives in an orphanage and desperately dreams about having his own family.

    • Here it is:


    Next, the students voted for the best title using tricider.



    And the winner is...



    Below there are illustrations to the first part of our Christmas story prepared by the Polish students:

    Once upon a time there was a little boy whose name was Tim.

    It was a very dark silent night in the middle of the winter.It  was Christmas Eve.

    Suddenly,the boy heard a scream. The scared  boy looked back and saw a dangerous snowman.Tim panicked and didn't know what to do!

    Then the snowman talked to him: 'Don't be afraid. I am just a friendly snowman who can be your friend. I was screaming because I was afraid of the dark and I was hungry and alone in this forest.'

    Tim  felt sorry for the snowman because he also felt alone as he lives in an orphanage and has no family. He said: 'Now you're not alone. I'm with you! '

    They kept walking and singing christmas carols.

    They arrived to the  house in the forest and saw raindeers and sledges full of presents!

    They heard steps and so they hid behind the sledges.

    Suddenly they saw a very familiar figure wearing red.It was Santa...

    who asked them: what present do you want me to give you?

    ...who asked them: 'What present do you want me to give you?'

    Tim  said that all he wanted was a family.

    Santa said :" I will do it for you but you must decorate the biggest  and the most beautiful Christmas tree".


    Here are the illustrations of the second part of the Christmas story made by the Greek students:



    Santa said :" I will do it for you but you must decorate the biggest  and the most beautiful Christmas tree".Snowman said : " I wish I were a boy and I could stay with Tim forever" .



    Santa listened to this wish,said some magic words and turned the snowman into a boy! He was so happy. Now he finally has a true friend.! The two friends were very happy and decided to fullfill Santa's wish.



    It started snowing  so they rushed to find the ornaments for the decoration of the tree.

    They asked forest animals for help.



    So every living being collected hollies, red berries, snowflakes ,blueberries, mushrooms, pine cones and many other things from the forest! They worked together for two hours. At the top of the tree they put a bright ,golden, shining flower like a star !!The effect was amazing.



    They made a circle and sang a christmas  carol called 'silent night'.



    Later they all started snowball battle.



    In the middle of the battle , the boy was hit right in the face and he lost consciousness.



    He woke up in the bed  in an orphanage. He saw his new family who wanted to adopt him.



    Finally he had  not only a home but also a brother- a snowman changed into a boy.

     A miracle happened because it was Christmas eve and everything could happen.


     The end 



    Write here special words or phrases about Christmas. The most favourite ones will be used for our Christmas story.