Documents for playing the Gymkhana

  • The gymkhana is a competition in which the participants have to sort out problems and questions and reach the goal. Our gymkhana is about Europe 2020 issuesIn addition to de posters, these documents were needed for organizing it:

    Teachers from each school prepared four questions (in English) on the chosen topics and from the posters ; the questions included mathematics problems. The correct answer was attached to each question. All questions were tested by a Quality Test.
    Croatian teachers made this presentation in order to explain the rules of the competition.
    Students were divided into international teams. Every team was provided with a map, some questions they must answer in order to find the location of the four base points and an answer sheet.
    When a team gets a BASE POINT, the members of the group must be identified by a controller. The controllers of the BASE POINT give the participants the problem definitions. Then students need to calculate, understand graphics and think about the data displayed on the posters located in the base point to give the correct answer.
    At a precise time, the teams have to reach the goal and hand out their questionnaires filled. The controllers write down the time when the teams get the goal. The time can be used in case of draw.
    Finally, the questionnaires are corrected. The team with more correct answers is the winner and receives a prize.