Schedule of the project

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    The schools which will take part in the project must make sure that their students learn about Europe 2020 strategy, with an emphasis on these issues:

    • Environment and renewable energy
    • Fighting poverty and social exclusion
    • Migration and integration
    • Youth employment

    From November to 12th of January

    Students must prepare three posters (in English) with news, and at least two graphics and statistics about one of the topics. Size of the boards: 60x84 cm.

    ·      Migration and integration: students from Italy

    ·      Environment and renewable energy: students from Finland

    ·      Young employment: students from Latvia

    ·      Fight against poverty and social exclusion: students from Spain


    The information boards will be presented in each school for a month before the gymkhana (posters printed and exhibited in each school)


    Teachers from XVIII GIMNAZIJA school (Croatia) decide the place in Zagreb where the BASE POINTS with the information boards will be exhibited. They also have to explain the instructions, make the stickers for the participants and prepare a map of the city where the activity will take place.

    From 12th to 27th of January

    Teachers from each school must prepare four questions (in English) on the chosen topics and from the information boards; the questions must include mathematics problems. It is necessary that the correct answer will be attached to each question.

    From 28th of January to 12th of February

    All questions must be tested by a Quality Test:

    Sending school


    Receiving school


    The receiving school will check and answer the questions made by the sending school










    From 13th to 28th of February

    Teachers from IES Trassierra school (Spain) will choose the final questions (9-10 questions) and will produce an answer template and a spreadsheet to record the results of the participants

    From 6th to 10th of March

    International European Active Citizenship Gymkhana in Zagreb:

    1.       Some of the host students will be the controllers of the gymkhana.

    2.       The guest students plus some host students, in international teams, will race the gymkhana and will solve the problems.

    3.       Teachers will be watchers and members of the jury.

    4.       A prize is given to the winning team.

    From April to May

    All the schools have to organize the European Active Citizenship Gymkhana in their towns, inviting other schools to join the activity.