Our Project activities

  • On this page we include a description of our project tasks so that we all know at any given time what we have to do, with details!


    • All partners invite their pupils to Twinspace with their own accounts.
    • Pupils write their profile. They also upload their photo or an image if their parents don't allow photos!
    • Partner teachers add a post in the padlet 'Introducing ourselves' on the page 'Introducing ourselves'.
    • All partners prepare a presentation or a video with photos of their school taken by the pupils with short captions to explain what each photo shows. These presentations are also added in the padlet.
    • We also add a presentation or video we make of our city.
    • All pictures of pupils, schools and cities are added in special albums in the MATERIALS. 


    • All pupils answer the questions in the initial survey mde by Maria Jose. The purpose of the survey is to understand the pupils' attitudes regarding their participation in this eTwinning project and their expectations! Deadline: 25th November


    • All partners draw a forest (as seen from above, from the sky). This forest is where the fairies live! It is the place of our project! Each partner will choose their 3 best forest maps which will be put into a vote! The final winner will be added on wikia maps where we'll later upload more material. Partners should add their 3 best forest maps in the album 'Forest maps' in the Materials. Deadline for that: 27th November.
    • The voting for the best forest map should finish by  30th November.
    • All pupils draw their fairy! All the fairies live in the forest. All partners upload the fairies in their own image album in the Materials. Deadline: 27th November.
    • Each partner looks at the fairies of the another partner and chooses the best one! They announce the results in a padlet on the page 'Forest and Fairies Competitions'. Ceuta votes fairies from Greece, Greece votes fairies from Turkey, Turkey votes fairies from Romania, Romania votes fairies from Asturias, Asturias votes fairies from Ceuta. Deadline: 30th November. 



    • All partners make cards with wishes and send them to their partners!
    • All partners write a story together on 'meetingwords' with a Christmas topic.



    • Students choose names for their fairies in an answergarden. The 5 top names will be chosen and given to the 5 fairies. Deadline: 18th January.
    • 19th January: Students will see the 5 top names and choose the one they like for their own fairy. Teachers announce the choice in the Teacher's Bulletin but cannot choose a name already chosen! So it is a matter of speed!!!
    • Each class needs to write a story about her fairy describing her, her habits and life! The text should be like the following model: 
      Hello! My name is ..... and I'm from ......
      Every day I get up at ..... and I ....... (daily routine)
      I like ..... (hobbies).
      I am .... (qualities) and I want.. (wishes)
    • Each partner uploads the fairy's image on fotobabble http://www.fotobabble.com/  and records the text. Then we upload the fotobabbles on the page 'Our Fairies'. We also write the recorded text below the fotababble.
    • Pupils listen to the fotobabbles and read the descriptions and then do the 'Our Fairies quiz' and write their scores in the padlet below the quiz! 



    • Each partner starts writing a fairy story in a meetingwords pad. http://meetingwords.com/ Each story should be about a different value. So we need to write at the top of the page 'Our Fairy Stories' which value we are working on! Each partner adds the link to the meetingwords pad on the page. We all write paragraph 1 of our story.
    • Then we all write paragraph 2 of another story. 
    • We do the same for paragraph 3 which should be the final paragraph. 
    • Finally, we draw a picture for each part we are writing and we add the pictures in the story's album.
    • The final and complete texts and pictures will be made into an ebook. 


    • Each partner collaborate writing one of the fairies stories in the e-book (http:storyjumper.com) (the ones made collaboratively in the  meetingword pad), as well as adding the best pictures the children made about those stories.
    • On the first pages, each partner introduces his/her fairy writing the same text done in the fotobabble activity. 
    • In the page called "Web tools" we have a video tutorial to know how to use it. 


    • Each partner adds an interactive note on the forest map (http:thinglink.com), writing where his/her fairy lives. 
    • Each partner uses a different colour for the dot of the interactive notes. 


    • A logo competition begins for our project's logo. All pupils draw a logo with the title of the project. Each partner needs to choose the best 3 and pload them in the album 'BEST LOGOS' by the 10th May.
    • Then each partner look at the best logos and vote for their 3 most favourite! They give 3 points to their most favourite logo, 2 points to their second most favourite logo and 1 point to their third most favourite logo. They can't vote their own, of course! The vote should finish by the 20th May!


    • We start drawing online using the tool colorillo. I have started 3 drawings in the new page 'Online fairy drawing'. There we can all add a small part of drawing so that we can have 3 final pictures. The topic is 'fairy life in the forest'. If we finish this task quickly and the pupils like it we can add more pictures!


    • Teachers complete a survey evaluating the project, its tasks and the impact on the pupils.
    • Students complete a survey evaluating the project and its tasks.


    • All partners add photos and texts on the page 'Dissemination' showing how they disseminate our project!