The present project aims at publishing an on-line magazine on environmental issues in a foreign language. Language learning, raising public awareness on environmental challenges, working collaboratively between both classmates and partners abroad, artistic expression and learning the use of ICT tools are significantly encouraged.

Project Journal

  • Welcome to the new students of e-planet 2.0 - the 2nd year!!
    - Posted by Mareike Raabe, 09.11.2017

  • Everybody got their certificates…
    Well, NOT everybody. Sidra is still in her homeland Syria, trying to find a way to come back to Greece and our school. The situation does not seem an easy one.
    Sidra, this certificate is waiting for you.
    We hope you manage to get it in your hands as soon as possible.


    - Posted by Anastasios Gkinis, 02.11.2017

  • Fantastic news!
    We have been awarded with the European Quality Label!


    - Posted by Anastasios Gkinis, 01.11.2017

  • This is ours ;)))


    - Posted by Laura Ridolfi, 05.08.2017

  • Now all three schools have acquired the Quality Label.
    Brilliant! Our effort has been officially acknowledged.
    - Posted by Anastasios Gkinis, 01.08.2017