Our Project

  • Description : 

    This Erasmus funded project sets out to look at learning that can take place beyond the restraints of the classroom setting.

    We hope to learn in context and through experience and place. We share a common belief across Europe that  we need to offer different and challenging experiences to stimulate all pupils learning and development. This project will be accessible to all pupils of all backgrounds of all abilities due to its hands on practical approach to learning. There are so many more opportunities to be had for learning beyond the confinement of the classroom and to share innovative ways to do this will be invaluable in our teaching and learning styles in partner school.

    Objectives : 

    Our shared aim to develop the achievements of our pupils to work to the best of their abilities led to thinking of other ways for pupils to approach their learning. Best practice of learning beyond the classroom has been found to happen when schools saw the benefit of a wider exciting curriculum. Because of the nature of the project, we believe that it will develop pupils self confidence, aspirations and when measured, attendance and achievement.


    Work process

    The project will run for 3 years.

    There will be 3 transnational teacher meetings where teachers will meet to share progress and planning.

    There will be 6 training events in each partner country including Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, Tenerife, Romania, Bulgaria and England.

    This will involve staff from all of, and pupils from some of the schools.

    We will collect teaching methods and lesson ideas to share including photos and video clips of the same activity been completed in each school.

    Training of forest schools will be completed. Different environments will be used as the stimulus for learning and training. Recycling will also be linked to the outdoors and sustainability.