Out of the Box #eTwCitizen16

This project will provide students with an excellent opportunity to improve their creative skills, use their imagination, enhance their oral and written English, express themselves in artistic ways and acquire digital skills. Working collaboratively, students will exchange data, produce instructions for their peers and build authentic products. Tra...

Awards - Prizes

The following awards  were given to our project : 

National Prize in the Italian etwinning Project Competition 

1st National prize in the Greek National Competition 

Local and regional newspaper congratulating us on our big award : The 1st panhellenic Prize for our project !!! Enjoy the glory , as it belongs to all of us !!!

The Local Directorate of Education is congratulating us on reciving the first prize :


The great italian newspaper La Republica is hosting the success of our project : national Prize in the Italian etwinning projects Competition !!


The 1st prize of the Greek national Competition for the category of 12-15 year -old -pupils. 

Our prize was hosted by the Central page of the National Greek School Network !!!What an honour !!!


Our project got an eTwinning European Prize! Check out the PT local news:


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