The Social Networks and Digital Apps to share topics and contents with our students

The goals in this Project is to show some digital platforms and digital tools we all have in Internet for teachers to share contents and topics with our students for working in our classes in the next subjects: English, Math, PhE, Tech, History, and Visual & Plastic Education

Apps and links from differents platforms to use with our students

We will show from these digital tools, Apps and platforms our documents, videos or powerpoint templates that we use in our classes.

All the Apps and profesionals profiles you see below can be linked in some Social Network like TWITTER where our students can follow us easily, example: My Sport Twitter account.

Like examples I leave here my profesional profiles in these digital tools where I have all the links to create the differents pages:



If you use anothers digital tools or Apps you can add them:

  • How to create a Magazine in our classes?
Author: Juan Nieto Guerrero
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