Our school, our city and our country

  • Hello, here we are!!! /Anabela/

    This is our classroom!

    We have a Library too!!

    This is my region - Leiria /Amabela/

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    Hello, we are...


    We are preparing Christmas presents for you /Barbara/

    Greetings from Lędziny - the south of Poland! This is our group"Searchlights" /Barbara/

     And this is another group saying hello /Barbara/

    This is our kindergarten  /Barbara/

    And, this is our playground. /Barbara/


    Greetings from Bulgaria!

    This is our kindergarten. /Mila/

    Hello! We are students of class 2c primary school in Wozniki in Poland. /Lidia/

    This is Poland - our Homeland.  /Lidia/

    Poland - see more.

    "This is Poland - Poland is beautiful" /Barbara/



    "This is Bulgaria" /Mila/

    Hello, we are a group "Winnie the Pooh" kindergarten "Dora Gabe" from Bulgaria

    Here we will present our school, our city and our country.

    Hello, we are preschool group from kindergarten Nasa radost, Serbia

    Dear colleagues,
    see the working plan.