• Dear teachers and pupils,

    welcome to our project "Four seasons around Europe".  In this project we will exchange traditional letters with topics AUTUMN, WINTER, SPRING and SUMMER  in your towns and countries, different habits, festivals at schools, etc.  We'll have pairs of schools: CEIP Escultor Vicente Ochoa (Spain) – 1. OŠ Bjelovar (Croatia), Greek-French School of Piraeus Jeanne d'' Arc (Greece) - Nezihe Osman Atay Ilkokulu (Turkey).  Schools will have their pages on our Twinspace. All topics will be issued online via web 2.0 tools, too. We are going to record videos, take photos, create presentations, logos, posters, blogs, play online quizes, have video conferences, share materials on Twinspace and evaluate the project in the end (June, 2017). 

    Coordinators of the project:

    AUTUMN - Ivana Pleskalt (Croatia)

    WINTER - Nida Demir (Turkey)

    SPRING - Ángel  Martinez Tofe (Spain)

    SUMMER - Anezina Xydous (Greece)


    Dear Anezina and Nida,

    you can ask questions and always count on us!

    All the best, good luck and enjoy!


    Your founders of the project,

    Ivana and Ángel