Four seasons around Europe

We want to involve 9-11 years old students around Europe in an exchange of traditional letters with topics about four seasons in their towns and countries, different habits, festivals at schools, etc. and encourage them to learn English doing some interesting activities, practice their writing and reading skills, show them connection between lear...

Project Journal

  • Dear Angel, Nida and Anezina thank you for fantastic collaboration in this wonderful project!!!

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    - Posted by Ivana Pleskalt, 25.10.2017

  • I would like to win QL like you ,but I didn't. Today, our workshop was over. I presented our project to new eTwinners as a good project. I couldn't share my QL but I will share about workshop and my stand :) I will try to apply for the QL,also. I hope we will see you for good news!!!

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    - Posted by NİDA DEMİR, 15.10.2017

  • Great news!!!!
    Thank you dear Ivana, Nida and Anezina. It was great to share this project with you!
    Thank you dear pupils. You were Great!!!!!

    Four seasons Label.png

    - Posted by Ángel Martínez Tofé, 13.10.2017




    - Posted by Anezina Xydous, 07.09.2017

  • Dear friends
    I have been awarded the Quality Label for our project too.
    Thank you for your help and understanding.
    - Posted by Anezina Xydous, 07.09.2017