Energy for Life

The Erasmus+ project, Energy for life, will be developed using etwinning platform as place for interaction and collaboration. The project aims to develop the scientific and digital competences and the awareness of the vital importance of the Natural Elements and natural energy for our life and induces the awareness of what are the effects of cultur...

Project Journal

  • Timeline of our Erasmus+ project "Energy for Life" in its 3º year. It is made to have clear all activities that will be carried out through out this current school year. As can be seen, quality of activities are increasing every time because of students are getting better in Stem, Clil competences.

    timeline del 3º año de proyecto. jpg.jpg

    - Posted by CARMELO JUAN TRAPERO HUETE, 12.10.2018

  • I piccoli studenti della scuola materna di Bagheria ricevono regali dagli amici rumeni e guardano il video della trama di Weaf. Thanks dear friends!!!



    - Posted by Aurora Provito, 12.10.2018

  • Weaf at the Croatian National Theater Šibenik and the play Real friend.


    - Posted by Marija Plavcic, 10.10.2018

  • Gifts that came to Grebaštica from our Romanian friends! :)


    - Posted by Marija Plavcic, 01.10.2018

  • Weaf and rocks storytelling by the sea.


    - Posted by Marija Plavcic, 01.10.2018