Responsible entrepreneurs

The project will make the students discover sucessful entrepreneurs and companies to serve as their „heroes“. Then the students will work in small international teams to collaborate to create their own „company“ which would be social aware. They would think of a socially benneficiary product, write a business plan and make advertising for the produ...

Project Journal

  • Congrats to the winners but also to all the inventive and creative teams of entrepreneurs.... YOU ARE AMAZING!
    - Posted by Natacha Hansen, 13.06.2017

  • Good job, guys. Most teams have created a social business company or at least a company socially aware. Great!!
    In the next six weeks your task is to give the company a name, create a logo and prepare advertising
    - Posted by Elena Tomanova, 26.02.2017

  • Don´t forget to vote for the best logo!!!
    - Posted by Elena Tomanova, 11.02.2017

  • Teams opened:-) Letš cooperate
    - Posted by Elena Tomanova, 31.01.2017

  • A new idea for the first task - introductions:
    Everyone interested can place a question in the forum below the Padlet and of course, everyone can react:-)
    - Posted by Elena Tomanova, 21.10.2016