4V Dome and intercultural cooking @MES

  • Erasmus+ School Visit from Spain and Building of 4V Geodome Model @MES turned into intercultural Event

    May 23rd, 2022. At the occasion of the visit of 6 students and 2 teachers from Fillas de María Inmaculada school from Vigo, we celebrated an intercultural festival and built a new model of a geodesic dome. This time Spanish and German students built a 5-meter wide and 250-centimeter high 4V dome under the instruction of our future engineers Michael, Christian and Julius.

    The encounter of Galician, Hesse and the many other cultures our schools comprise was celebrated under this year's Erasmus+ motto: European Bauhaus - beautiful, sustainable, together.

    Not only the 14 students of the Erasmus+ Project group (12th grade grammar school students majoring in IT and engineering) participated in the event. 10FMa,11FWT and 11FM, 3 courses of Berufsfachschule (vocational middle school) also wanted to meet the Spanish students and support the project, working side by side with the Spaniards.

    The event drew the attention of the entire school community, many of whom joined the event, tried from the delicious food prepared by the students, and started to play music, dance and sing together.

    The Spanish students and students of the MES-project group are now looking forward to meeting again in Vigo/Galicia in order to jointly participate in more cultural and educative activities.  

    A beautiful dome, to bind them all...

    The new European Bauhaus initiative

    Spanish PAELLA meeting GRIE SOSS, a local superfood of the Hesse region. 


    Here's how we started:

    The model consists of struts in 6 different length. Math was calculated with the help of domerama.com's 4V Geodesic Dome Calculator (thanks!). 


    Misión cumplida. Thank you to everyone involved!