Teachers' tasks and collaborative work

  • Teachers' tasks

    This has been a great project!

    This project involved almost 200 registered teachers, and hundreds of pupils all around Europe.

    Each partner of the project collaborated and contributed to the success of this project.

    Each decision has been shared on the twinspace.

    Teachers helped the founders of the project in the realization of the collaborative activities.

    Cristina Popescu, my co-funder, gave me the boost and the push to initiate this lovely journey and did the twinspace “face” and Rebeca’s photos padlet;

    Nana Saakashvili did  Rebeca’s members album;

    Viktoria Reva created the film "Rebeca's story";

    Claudia Meirinhos did Rebeca’s map and all members marked their school;

    Christothea Papadaki did the "Happy Birthday" padlet for the videos;

    Siranush Sahakyan  from Armenia made padlet and smore presentation for Rebecca.

    Olympia Lampaki did the evaluation survey;

    Georgia Maneta did the ebook;

    Sofia Maglaridou did the disseminations of the results page;

    Ayse Ozalp Atli did the Tricider and the organization of the pages on the twinspace;

    Ayşe Emeksiz created a game for Rebeca;

    Clara Cristino and Dulce Valverde received the parcels, did all the updates on the «Birthday cards received» page and held Rebeca’s hand during all this project;

    Diana Rossato made the page of the Quality Labels.

    Lot’s of other partners made little actions that made the project bigger. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. If so, please excuse me and correct me.

    My special thanks to Natallia Maramoti for the fund raising to buy Rebeca new clothes, Marcella Tarigetto for all the great ideas and Rita Zurrapa for all her technical support.

    The majority of students and teachers participated to the project evaluation survey created by Olympia.

    Each school contributed to the project with videos, images, messages, and lots and lots of love to enrich it . Many schools involved all their students, staff and parents in this project.

    Rebeca received over 3000 birthday cards, that keep on coming and coming for many weeks.

    The cards will be displayed at the Hospital and at Rebeca’s colleagues school.

    It has been a European and wonderful experience thanks to the collaboration and hard work from all members . What an emotional journey! What a incredible ride!

    Thank you all - We are a great team!

    Everything for Rebeca!