Project plan

  • Rebeca makes a presentation video to share on twinspace (I’ll tell her that it’s for a different project, to preserve the surprise).
    Pupils make birthday cards in one of 4 categories: friendship, candies, animals or beach, which are Rebeca’s favorite subjects.
    Pupils share their cards on Twinspace. 
    Pupils mail (by post) their cards to Rebeca’s hospital until the end of December. A nurse will keep them and give them to Rebeca on January 8th.
    Pupils make a small video singing “Happy birthday” in English and in their own tongue and share it on Twinspace.
    I will record a video of Rebeca with all the received cards, thanking all those who joined this “surprise party” (this action will be made if Rebeca’s health allows it.)

    Let's make Rebeca smile!


    Rebeca's adress:

    Rebeca Delgado Diogo

    APOIO ESCOLAR 2º/3º CICLO E SECUNDÁRIO (2º andar, corredor oeste)

    Rua Jacinta Marto, s/n
    1169-045 Lisboa